Do you want to write for SEEK?

Would you like to contribute to SEEK Magazine? We are looking for contributions from parents, teachers, therapist, psychologists, coaches, freelance writers interested in topics pertaining to children, parenting, science or anyone who works with children in one way or another . We are on the lookout for any type of information that will help our readers, from healthy recipes, craft ideas, information on up and coming research in regards to human development, book reviews, toy reviews, we run the gamut of topics at SEEK!

Please read our writer guidelines carefully to determine if you have a piece, which will fit with what we are looking for.

Articles submissions must have:

  • A clear age group focus: Early Years, Childhood, Middle Childhood and Adolescence
  • Please include an explanation of which age group and why at the bottom of your article
  • Contributor Bio: We want to support our contributors in any way possible. Please include a short write up and photo, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, website/blog information in your write up so our readers can find more information from you!

Tips for writing a spectacular must-read feature:

  • Originality: People have been writing about kids and development for a long time. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t come up with a new idea! Simply put a new spin on an old topic! See an interesting piece in the news about childhood development or parenting? Write about it! Make it new and exciting and something parents want to read and share with their friends!
  • Destination: Our readers are located all over the world, which means you have the entire world to write about! Is there a new parenting fad in India? Is there interesting research coming out of Russia relating to developmental delays and new therapies offered? Are you from Brazil and have a healthy delicious recipe for kids that an American mom might want to try? We would love to see an outstanding submission relating to a new idea coming from the far off places around the world.
  • Keep it specific: Assume that our readers do not know the first thing about kids! Layman’s terms are key for all article submissions. For the professionals interested in writing about scientific studies; please keep in mind this is not a medical or scientific journal. SEEK is a magazine reaching all different walks of life from all over the world; please keep the terms simple and in English.
  • Be an authority: Why do you know so much about this topic? Probably because you work in the field or have children of your own; show our readers that you know what you are talking about.
  • Avoid Clichés: Clichés do not translate well for our readers with English as their second language. Keep it simple and easy to understand.



We accept submissions ranging between 500 and 1,000 words. If you can market your article to be one that every parent and professional needs to see; it will more than likely be a featured piece. We will accept pieces, which are relevant to recent developments and practical information. All submissions should be sent to editor@seekmagazine.org.

You have several options when submitting article ideas to SEEK Magazine.

  • Send a query letter to pitch an idea to editor@seekmagazine.org, but make sure it catches our eye. If you choose to send a query, please send a few clips in your email so we can see your writing style.
  • If you have a blog or have a previous written piece that you would like to contribute please send it our way. For a piece, which has been previously published be sure to include the name of the previous published medium.
  • Send a story on spec (speculation) meaning you would submit your complete article as an attached Word document for consideration.
  • In all email correspondence, please include the following:
    • Subject of the email should start “Article Submission: Title”
    • Your full name
    • A brief overview of your background and experience
    • Article title and word count
    • A short two or three line bio
    • Links to your blog, clips, or other work
    • Social media contact info such as LinkedIn page, Facebook page, Twitter handle, and Pinterest page

As freelance writers ourselves, we know waiting for a response is the hardest part but we will do our best to respond to every message within 2 weeks. If your work is accepted, you will be asked to submit accompanying photos, which you have the rights to share.


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