What makes a cooking oil ideal?


Are you trying to make the switch to healthy living? Not sure where to start? Listen to our health guru Cecilia and start with your cooking oil. 

By Cecilia Yu

No cooking oil is perfect.  However, based on much research and consultancy with nutritional sites and nutritionists, the consensus is that the healthiest ones:

  • have highest percent of saturated fat
  • are resistant to a high smoking point and light
  • are least likely to oxidize and go rancid in high and room temperature
  • have the least omega 6 acid (inflammation)
  • have the highest antioxidants
  • are preferably cold pressed
  • are not subjected to industrial processing

With that being said one of the most favored is coconut oil according to nutritional advisors.  Even if heat is applied in the oil extraction, coconut oil with its high level of saturated fat is quite resistant to high smoking point.  And such resistance equates to resistance to oxidation and rancidation – two processes leading to free radicals formations and storage in our bodies. Ghee and olive oil (cold pressed) are equally favorable.

Rice bran oil, though with high smoking point and touted as a healthy oil, has way too much omega 6 fatty acid and polyunsaturated fat – the culprits of inflammations and free radicals in our bodies.  Many brands on the market, unfortunately are processed.

photo by Koshy Koshy CC By 2.0

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