Traveling With a Toddler Emergency Kit

expat kids traveling toddler emergency kit 4

One expat mom shares her traveling with a toddler “must haves” to make that long trip home a little less painful.

By Becky Horace

I wouldn’t say that I am a seasoned veteran when it comes to toddlers and aviation but I do believe coming from South Carolina to Bangkok on a 28 hour flight does give me some street cred. I wanted to share a few products with you, which I believe has saved our lives before, during and after landing on our traveling adventure.

Preparation for the flight

expat kids traveling toddler emergency kitTo help prepare my son for the long flight back home, I purchased two books from Asia Books, both can be found for less than ฿270. The first was “Busy Airport” by Rebecca Finn.  This book was such a hit in our household because it is a moving book, meaning your little can take their little fingers to spin wheel to make the airplanes spin around in the air or pull the arrow flap to reveal the children sitting in the plane, patiently waiting for takeoff. Finn’s book takes you step-by-step through the flight process from arriving in the airport, dropping off your bags, boarding the plane, takeoff and soaring among the clouds. The second book was an “Usborne touchy-feely book” entitled “That’s not my plane…”  This book is so much fun with the little white mouse telling the reader why this can’t possibly be his plane, for a number of reasons from the wheels are to squishy or the wings are to bumpy.  My next book I will be purchasing is “Usborne: Flip Flap Airport”.  This toddler friendly book is full of fun flaps when lifted provide more detailed information about the airport, a perfect book for your inquisitive child. You can find this book at Asia Books for around ฿380.


During the flightexpat kids traveling toddler emergency kit 3

My toddler has confiscated my iPod Touch and I am perfectly okay with that if it keeps him quiet on the plane. To protect our most precious possession, I purchased a Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case. This case is made for iPhone and iPod Touch and will protect your apple during that inevitable toy throwing, temper tantrum at 30,000 feet.  You can find this on for around $12USD.

With our upcoming summer trip to the US, I know we will have a lot of time to catch up on the latest Disney movies during our flight. I know he will need headphones that are fun but will also protect his hearing. I have researched several options, read many reviews and I purchased the KaZoo MyPhones. These over the ear headphones come in two fun animal options, a frog or a penguin. The best feature on the headphones is the built-in volume control. The highest decibel the headphones are able to reach is 85, which is the max level recommended by many health organizations around the world. This product is a win-win; a cute frog, little ears are protected, and mommy doesn’t have to hear any noise. You can find this product on for around $18USD.

expat kids traveling toddler emergency kit 2To limit the amount of “stuff” we take in our carry-on bag, I purchased a small, travel Fisher-Price Magna Doodle. The magna doodle is guaranteed to provide mommy with a minimum 15 minutes of peace and quiet. The magna doodle with the attached pen is an easier option then carrying a notepad and crayons, which are bound to be lost under the seat at some point. You can find this on for around $13USD.


While on holiday

expat kids traveling toddler emergency kit 4

I highly recommend the Deuter Kid Comfort III as a safe, comfortable and durable child carrier that has worked for every type of holiday we have taken around the US and Asia. This is a wonderful alternative to traveling with the stroller and our son begs to ride in it. One of the best selling points of the Deuter Kid Comfort III is the built in roll cage; meaning if you were carrying your child through the jungle, tripped on a root and fell, you would not crush your child due to the strong frame. You can find this on for around $300USD.



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