Toddler Activity: The Sponge Pass


The end of summer is upon us but that won’t stop your child from having one last fun day in the pool. Try out our latest toddler activity from The Games Lady that will make your kids final days of summer memorable. 


By Barbara Sher, The Games Lady 




  • Large sponge
  • Pool/kiddie pool



Have the children sit in a circle in the water so that they are in full view of each other.



First demonstrate the actions to the words below. Chant the words or add a tune to these words.

Dip The Sponge And Squeeze It Hard

Dip The Sponge And Squeeze It Hard

Dip The Sponge And Squeeze It Hard

Pass It To Your Friend

Exaggerate the action so the movement is very obvious to the children. Dip the sponge deeply into the water on the word “dip”and when squeezing the sponge on the word “squeeze’ make a grunting face as your fingers wring the sponge.

Each child, then has the whole length of the lyric to play with getting the sponge soaking wet and squeezing it before they have to pass it to the next person.

After everyone has had a turn or two, you can make the game last longer by switching the material, the action and the words. For example, with a watering can you might sing:

Fill It Up And Sprinkle It Out

Then Pass It To Your Friend

Turkey Basters, eggbeater, funnels and even squirt toys can be cool fun on a hot summer day with this game.


previously published in in their July/August 2011 issue

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