Toddler Activity: The Cloud Game


The cool fall days are upon us and there is nothing better than being outside in this beautiful weather. If you have a cloudy day take a blanket and go outside to try our newest toddler activity from The Games Lady but really this game is suitable for all ages.


By Barbara Sher, The Games Lady


Usually, having your head in the clouds means the opposite of paying attention but in this game, you need to focus all of your attention on the clouds. We all know that clouds make fantastic shapes but usually we forget to take the time to notice. In this whimsical game, if you both see the exact same thing in the shape of a cloud, it’s a fun bonding experience.



None but a lovely day full of clouds.



When sitting outside, lying on the beach, or looking out a window take turns looking around for an identifiable shape in the clouds. Point out different parts of the shape until you can all see it. See the puffy headed dinosaur? That long trailing part is the tall and that lump at the other end is the puffy head with a round nose.

After you’ve identified a bunch of creatures, you can make up stories about what they are doing up there together!



previously published in in their July/August 2011 issue

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