Kid Activity: Edible Cereal Necklace

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Art can be beautiful and functional, but isn’t it nice when it’s also edible? Try out this new kid activity of an edible cereal necklace from The Games Lady!

By Barbara Sher, M.A., OTR

Give each child apiece of yarn, string, or fishing line that is long enough to fit over her head when tied. If you use yarn or string, it can be helpful to younger ones if you put apiece of tape on the stringing end so that it’s firmer and goes through the hole in the cereal easily.



Encourage the child to put the cereal pieces on the string. Give whatever assistance is needed to be successful. Tie the ends of the yarn together when she’s finished to make a necklace. Have your child count how many pieces of cereal are on the string.


  • After the child counts the number of cereal pieces on the string, let them eat some and then count how many pieces are left. Can your child figure out how many were eaten?
  • If you want your necklace to be lasting, instead of edible, string other things, such as buttons, short pieces of colored straws, or macaroni and other hollow pasta shapes.
  • Instead of string or yarn, you could use pipe cleaners and turn the project into rings for the finger or loops to hang around the ears.

What is being learned
Children are getting practice in focusing on small objects and directing their fingers. They are also getting practice in counting and, for some, the concept of subtraction.

For children, who are not yet able to coordinate both hands working together, have an adult or other player hold the string steady.



previously published in in their January/February 2012 issue

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