Toddler Activity: Bubble Blowing


Toddler games are always fun and blowing bubbles is always a crowd pleaser. See what Barbara Sher, The Games Lady has to say about what your child is learning. 

By Barbara Sher, The Games Lady 

Take out a bubble wand, a jar of bubbles and blow and every kid (and grown-up) is captivated. In this game, they can make all the bubbles they want with just a straw and some soapy water.


  • Fill a bowl halfway with water.
  • Add two or three tablespoons of dish detergent and some food coloring.
  • Place the bowl in the middle of a small table. If inside the house, put a plastic sheet over the table first to keep it from getting wet.
  • Have the children sit around the table so that they can all reach the bowl with the straw when they lean in.
  • Give each child a straw to place in the bowl and have the children blow bubbles in the water.
  • When a large amount of bubbles are on top of the water, place a sheet of white or color construction paper on top of the bubbles. The bubbles will pop on the paper making a beautiful circular design.

To prevent a child from sucking the bubble solution up the straw, poke a few small holes in the straw one-inch from the top.


1) Use an eggbeater instead of straws and have each child take a turn using it.

2) Use the paper to form cards that the children can draw or scribble on and give to parents.

3) Scoop up some bubbles and place them on your chin to make a “beard.”

4) Scoop up some bubbles and place them on the table. Lightly blow on the top bubble and watch it expand.


Children are learning breath control. The harder they blow, the more bubbles they will get. They see the consequences of actions when they make the bubbles and when they see what happens when the paper is placed on the bubbles.

They are all doing the same thing together.  Being aware of this adds to the feeling of fun.  Encourage this by saying “Everyone is making bubbles. Let’s all make even more!”


For the child who cannot sustain an interest in blowing, have him help put the paper on top of the bubbles in the bowl and see the results.



Game published in Barbara Sher’s Book Early Intervention Games p119

photo by stevent CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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  1. fun!! We love bubbles in summer and all year round!

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