Toddler Activity: Balloon Baseball


Balloons are one of the best toys because they attract attention, light weight, and easy to play with. Try this new game to boost development from The Games Lady.

By Barbara Sher, The Games Lady 

This game uses the balloon as the ball in baseball and with the balloon moving slowly, beginners can more easily hit it. Make newspaper bats by rolling up sections of newspaper and taping them. The more newspaper sections, the bigger the bat.


An adult throws a balloon towards the child with the bat. Encourage the child to hit the balloon or have an adult stand behind the child and physically prompt him on timing. When the balloon is hit, encourage the other children try and catch the balloon.  Have children take turns being the pitcher, the batter, the catcher, and the fielders.


Children are learning to coordinate their movements and timing to connect with the balloon. They can see the results of their movements and then modify their actions to get the desired consequence.

They are also learning that everyone has a different role. Someone throws, another bats and others catch.

Their balance and spatial awareness is being challenged as they run while looking up to catch the balloon and to the sides to avoid banging into others.


Some children will have difficulty tracking the balloon in order to catch it. They might get distracted or lose interest and need verbal cues to stay on task.

Children, who have difficulty with timing and eye-hand coordination, will need hand-over-hand assistance.



Game published in Barbara Sher’s Book Early Intervention Games p55

photo by Thomas Rydberg CC by 2.0

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  1. love balloon play, great for all kiddos!

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