The Benefits of Encouraging Children to Write

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If you are a parent or teacher and have seen your child interested in stories and creative writing this is one competition that you will not want your class to miss out on. Help to boost development and creativity and have the opportunity to win prizes for your class and school with this international competition. 


By Joshua Davidson & Philip Cole


This March is the first ever World Creative Writing Month, a global initiative aimed at getting children to spend more time writing stories at home. This creative writing competition has school children from every continent working together to reach a word count of 500,000 words, whilst competing against each other for prizes for their class and school.


Writing with laptopThe National Literacy Trust, a UK based research agency that explores the importance of literacy skills in society, points out that strong literacy skills are central to the social, political and economic aspects of every person’s life. In their research report ‘Literacy Changes Lives’, they also highlight that literacy is the key to social mobility and breaking the cycle of disadvantage and that education interventions in literacy skills are always most effective at a young age.

Creative writing can give a student a better understanding of themselves. In writing a piece of fiction, a student must ask herself questions about the characters in her story, and therefore confront these questions herself. In doing this a child will develop a deeper and broader understanding of others by “walking in another’s shoes.” Further, every story or poem, in the most generous sense, invites us all to ask, who are we and what shall we do with our days?
Teacher in Class

World Creative Writing Month was set up by British education technology company Night Zookeeper and over 300 schools have signed up from countries all around the world; from New York to Osaka in Japan. Teachers can join throughout March on the organizers website.

The competition has children inventing magical animals for the Night Zookeeper website and writing stories about them to share with their classmates. Night Zookeeper are providing assessment tools for teachers and a word count to track pupil’s progress. You can read some of the examples the children are working on here in this PDF: World Book Day.

“At a time when children have more distractions than ever in their homes, I think it is remarkable that children are opting to spend their evenings drawing and writing stories” commented Joshua Davidson, Managing Director of Night Zookeeper. “It is their commitment to creativity that inspired us to set up World Creative Writing Month. We want as many children as possible to share in this magical experience.”

For more information you can visit the campaigns website.

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