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Toddler Activity: The Cloud Game


The cool fall days are upon us and there is nothing better than being outside in this beautiful weather. If you have a cloudy day take a blanket and go outside to try our newest toddler activity from The Games Lady but really

Sleep Training: Older Kids


A few weeks ago, we discussed the basics of sleep training your baby but what do you do if your four year old who had been sleeping all of a sudden decides to start a new behavior which leads to no sleep

Toddler Activity: The Sponge Pass


The end of summer is upon us but that won’t stop your child from having one last fun day in the pool. Try out our latest toddler activity from The Games Lady that will make your kids final days of summer

Toddler Activity: Styrofoam Hammering


If you are home with the kids this summer and you feel that you have already run out of activities to entertain your toddler try this latest activity from Barbara Sher: The Games Lady.    By Barbara Sher: The Games Lady

Autism: Evaluation time


Follow a story of a family whose little boy was diagnosed on the autism spectrum and the steps they took to overcome this diagnosis. This story is a personal one and should not be taken for any medical advice. This

Toddler Activity: Penny Flick


Try our latest toddler activity from The Games Lady. This is a quickly organized social and fine motor game with easy to find materials, pennies.   By Barbara Sher, The Games Lady     DIRECTIONS Partner two children across from

Toddler Activity: Dump & Fill


Enjoying filling and dumping out objects is a stage in every child’s development. In this toddler activity it’s the filling step that is the changing challenge.     By Barbara Sher, The Games Lady     SETUP If you use

Sensory Moments for Children: Part 2


Learn more ways to bring sensory moments into your everyday with your child aged newborn to three years old in part 2 of our series.    By Barbara Sher, The Games Lady     TASTE Make a plate of small

Sensory Moments for Children: Part 1


Sensory moments literally take a moment and will boost your child’s brain activity building strong links between the neurons in their brains. Try some of these suggestions at home today!   In our last post from Barbara Sher, The Games

Babies Know More Than You Think: Sensory Moments


Your baby knows more than you might think but Barbara Sher explains to our readers how short sensory moments can really boost brain development and only take a minute out of your busy day.   By Barbara Sher, The Games Lady