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Technology: Does it deserve our attention?


Does television, cell phones and internet usage have an impact on the lives of our children? See what our experts are saying about technology and our kids!   By Brittany Dyer Growing up, our generation did not have cell phones

Fun for Kids: Science Experiments for Preschoolers

water 1

Teach your child a love of science early by trying one of our easy and not so messy science experiments for preschoolers from The Pinterested Parent.  By Kim Uliana Science experiments are a fun and interactive way to play and learn

Outdoor Activity: Coke and Mentos

Coke science

Try this fun and messy yet educational outdoor activity with your kids today! Who doesn’t love explosions especially when they are done in a safe manner?! By Natasha Johnson  We recently had a kind of warm day. I was more than happy