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Recipe: Kid Snack Attack


“Mom!!! I’m hungry!” No matter the age, children seem to never stop eating but that is no problem for you because you are a super parent and keep their bodies fueled on healthy snacks. Check out our latest two recipe options

Sugar and Gluten Free Cookie Recipes


Can you remember as a child the smell of fresh cookies baking in the oven on a lazy weekend? Baking is a way that some parents express their love for their children and if you are that kind of parent try

Raw Strawberry Tart

Valentine Raw Tart

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Have you planned anything special for your family? If not, why not make them this healthy, raw and delicious strawberry tart.  By Jennifer M.S. Robertson, Ph.D. This healthy tart is incredibly easy to

Kids & Kale

Kid with SHake

Kale, growing in popularity, can be found anywhere but did you know it is full of nutrients and if prepared properly your kids will devour it!? Try out Courtney’s new kale recipes today! By Courtney Violet Bentley Kale is a

Sneaky Superfoods


How to sneak in superfoods in your families diet that will hit that waste line but not your wallet! By Courtney Violet Bentley Superfoods are just as they are known SUPER, they provide you nutrients which packaged and processed foods

Chocolate Orange Cake Pops Recipe

Cake Pop

There is such a thing as a HEALTHY cake pop option! By: Jennifer M. S. Robertson When the phenomenon known as “cake pops” first broke on the scene, I, like any other mother and lover of all things sweet, thought