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Recipe: Citrus Sea Bass


Priyam’s Kitchen for Kids has a new recipe for you to try. This week she is sharing with our readers how to make her household’s favorite fish dish.   By Priyam Sachdev   I am most excited to share my house

Kid Activity: Sand Play


Sand play is fun for any age, either on the playground at the sandbox or at the beach, try out this new activity from The Games Lady! By Barbara Sher, The Games Lady   We know that children pay attention

Teens: Tops tips to prepare for college


Preparing your child to go to college begins before he even fills out the first application. See what our experts are saying about how we can prepare our children for college at any age with these top tips.    By

Technology: Does it deserve our attention?


Does television, cell phones and internet usage have an impact on the lives of our children? See what our experts are saying about technology and our kids!   By Brittany Dyer Growing up, our generation did not have cell phones

Teens: Out of Control

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Is your teen out of control? Start the new year off on the right foot and follow these tips from our expert on how to help manage your teen’s behavior. By Brittany Dyer   In the past, I have talked with

“New Year New You” ideas for your tweens & teens!


New Year’s Resolutions…Most adults make them, but what about teenagers? It’s never too late to start the new year with a resolutions; help your teen get started by making a resolution that sticks! By Brittany Dyer   Start your young

Spoiler Alert: How to avoid Spoiled Kid Syndrome


Our experts share their thoughts and tips on how to avoid the “spoiled kid syndrome” when it just seems like the presents and goodies keep on coming. By Brittany Dyer   Picture this: You wake up bright and early Christmas

Autism: What do you do when your kid prefers objects over people?


Follow a story of a family whose little boy was diagnosed on the autism spectrum and the steps they took to overcome this diagnosis. This story is a personal one and should not be taken for any medical advice. This

Attachment Disorder


One of our experts explains the importance of bonding with your newborn to prevent the possibility of having an attachment disorder later in life.  By Donna Townsend I recently spoke to a new parent in Bangkok, she was holding her

An embarrassed parent & your kid’s big mouth


Has your child ever completely embarrassed you in public? Our children can say the darndest things, can’t they? But what do you do when they fluster you and those they are talking about in a public area? Let one of