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Musical Crafts: Paper Plate Tambourine

pic 1 tamb

To your child what could possibly be more fun than making a mess? Making a mess that will turn into an instrument that will make noise! Musical crafts are always so much fun. Try out this indoor activity from  The

Teaching Sequencing with Nursery Rhymes


Nursery rhymes are great for teaching imitation through repetition but they are also a good tool in teaching sequencing. Read our latest educational activity from the Dabbling Momma, which will help to spice up those old rhymes.  By Susen Kuchta of Dabbling

Kid Activity: Edible Cereal Necklace

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Art can be beautiful and functional, but isn’t it nice when it’s also edible? Try out this new kid activity of an edible cereal necklace from The Games Lady! By Barbara Sher, M.A., OTR Give each child apiece of yarn, string, or

8 Kid’s Activities For When Mommy Is Sick


Families share a lot including germs. Eventually mommy or daddy can catch the bug and when you’re sick the last thing a parent wants to think about is playtime. Try one of these kid’s activities to keep your little ones entertained while

Infant Games Grow Brains

baby crawling

Read our professional occupational therapist and game lady, Barbara Sher’s, top infant games that will help to grow your baby’s brain!   By Barbara Sher, M.A., OTR One of the fascinating facts about brain development is that as far as the

Valentine’s Day Craft: Paper Bowl Hats

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Try our latest crafting activity from The Pinterested Parent. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a fun new hat to wear out to dinner! By Kim Uliana, The Pinterested Parent  An imagination is a terrible thing to waste. A child’s imagination is an

Indoor Fun: Sheet Forts

sheet fort

Sheet forts: fun, easy, cheap indoor fun and full of potential to help your little one’s imagination grow and boost brain development.  By Kim Uliana You know how the old story goes; “You give a kid a toy and all

The Kitchen: Not just a place for food


Who knew you could teach your child so much by spending a little time together in the kitchen. By Kim Uliana, The Pinterested Parent The Pinterested Parent, Kim Uliana, is a pro when it comes to the kitchen. She loves