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Recipe: Stir Fried Quinoa with Veggies


Have some left over quinoa from our last recipe from Cecilia? Try this new recipe with quinoa and vegetables; we are sure your kids will love it.  By Cecilia Yu I was desperate and tired.  Desperate to strengthen my endlessly

Natural Remedies: Canker Sores


To soothe and get rid of those canker sores rearing its ugly heads (and unbearable pain), try this natural home remedy.  By Cecilia Yu   This natural remedy has two ingredients, coconut oil and tea tree oil, which are both

Natural Remedies: Nasal Rinse


Do you or your children suffer from chronic sinus infections or other respiratory woes stemming from allergies, asthma or the common colds?   If so, then try this natural remedy; Himalayan salt nasal rinse.   By Cecilia Yu   Himalayan salt,

Recipe: Roasted Quinoa Granola

IMG_4105 (1)

Healthy family living guru, Cecilia, shares with SEEK an easy to make quinoa granola recipe that the entire family will enjoy! By Cecilia Yu Here I was a few nights ago, around 10pm to be exact, exhausted from a week

Healthy Tips for Kids: Going Beyond the Basics


Are you doing enough to stay healthy and avoid being infected by whatever germs your children bring home from their frequent germ festivals (aka schools, parks, recreation centers,  public pools)? Read our latest article from a mom and avid health

Outdoor Chalk Games


Chalk games have been around for a long time but in this day and age of technology, we can forget how the simple game and quality family time can help with a child’s development. Try one of these fun outdoor

Quick & Healthy Family Recipes

healthy family recipe - quinoa

Looking for a new, fast, and healthy dinner idea? Try one of Courtney’s latest healthy family recipes tonight!  By Courtney Violet Bentley Raising a family takes all of your time and the thought of cooking can take the last precious minutes