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5 reasons why your kid should play sports


See what our experts are saying about the importance of sports and let us know what you think about our top 5 reasons as to why they should! By Brittany Dyer   When we look around the world, we can

Workouts for you & baby

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You need to workout and get your body back. Your baby needs to be with you. What do you do? Work out together! These exercises both work your muscles and give baby the lessons they are working on. It’s a

International Parenting: Attachment Parenting


There are many hot button issues when it comes to parenting. It doesn’t matter what the issue is but you know you will have one opinion and someone else will have a differing. SEEK has interviewed moms from around the

Natural Remedies: Nasal Rinse


Do you or your children suffer from chronic sinus infections or other respiratory woes stemming from allergies, asthma or the common colds?   If so, then try this natural remedy; Himalayan salt nasal rinse.   By Cecilia Yu   Himalayan salt,

Sugar and Gluten Free Cookie Recipes


Can you remember as a child the smell of fresh cookies baking in the oven on a lazy weekend? Baking is a way that some parents express their love for their children and if you are that kind of parent try

Move and Shake: Family Exercise Series


SEEK brings you three new outdoor activities from fitness expert, Courtney Bentley, to try this weekend to make exercise fun for the entire family! By Courtney Violet Bentley The thought of having to combine fitness and children can be intimidating. Kids can find

5 Surprising Places Sugar Hides


Don’t be fooled! There is sugar in everything we eat! By Courtney Bentley No doubt about it, sugar is evil, we all know we have to cut back, but did you know sugar is not just found in candies and

Courtney Violet Bentley

Courtney Violet Bentley

Courtney Violet Bentley is a certified Personal Trainer and works in women’s fitness, group fitness, Pilates, and CrossFit. She also holds certification from the Red Cross in CPR/AED. She has a degree in Nutrition and loves to create healthy and tasty