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Teens: Out of Control

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Is your teen out of control? Start the new year off on the right foot and follow these tips from our expert on how to help manage your teen’s behavior. By Brittany Dyer   In the past, I have talked with

Teenagers: Should we get on their level?


Teenagers are a hard group to understand. Where is the balance between friend and parent? Should we try and get on their level? Our teenager expert Julia Knight shares her thoughts on this topic.    By Julia Knight   Should

Discipline: How to make house rules


We don’t want to tell you how to discipline your child but we can offer you some support and ideas on how to set rules to reduce the amount of disciplining that is happening in your home.    By Brittany

International Parenting: Discipline


There are many hot button issues when it comes to parenting. It doesn’t matter what the issue is but you know you will have one opinion and someone else will have a differing. SEEK has interviewed moms from around the