Sensory Motor Development

Sensory Motor Development: Infants

Not so long ago, we perceived the infant as pretty much blind, deaf and mute. Our current understanding, however is that the infants have a series of abilities at birth. These competencies, albeit rudimentary, enables them to start interacting with their environment in the most functional way possible given their fragile state. This is not to underestimate the unparalleled development of infants cognitive, emotional and sensorimotor skills that takes place during the early years.

During the first year, the development of sensorimotor skills become increasingly sophisticated. The ideal developmental scenario is when sensory and motor development occurs homogeneously in a well coordinated manner each resulting into distinct and well-developed systems. Sensory regulation problems such as hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity are usually the result of an uncoordinated communication between senses and movement systems.

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