SEEK Magazine Charity Launch


On November 7th, SEEK Magazine had their first fundraising event held at REED Institute in Bangkok, Thailand. It was a great success and enjoyed by all who attended. At this time we roughly estimate that we were able to raise over 100,000 Baht from the event– accounting of the event is still in process and we will have more definite numbers in the next week or so. We wanted to share some photos of the event with you and thank our sponsors again for all of their generosity and assistance in making this event happen.

To read more on the event from one of our attendees, you can click this link to their blog post covering the event: Dose of Life

Now that funds have been raised, we have started the process of creating our scholarship program. We are working on development, rules and regulations and working with our lawyers to finalize the process. Check back with us to find out when the scholarship application process goes live!

Thanks to everyone who supported our event!

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A BIG THANK YOU our Sponsors 

Without your support none of this would be possible!

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