Review: Enchroma Color-blind Correcting Glasses


Instead of more “stuff” this Christmas, consider giving your color-blind child the gift of color with the EnChroma glasses. Learn more about the product with our unbiased review.


By Mark Stanford, MAT

Before getting into this review of the Enchroma color-blind correcting glasses keep in mind that not all color blindnesses are the same, and not all people are the same; with that being said, if you try the glasses and they do not work for you it doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t work for others.


EnChroma glasses are made in the United States and kind of happened with an “accident” in the lab at Alfred University. This led to many years of research and development and finally a product that could help people who are color-blind to see color. You can read more about how it all happened and basic information on the different types of color blindness by clicking this link. The glasses look like your usual stylish glasses or sunglasses with the tinted lenses but with different lens options for the different types of color blindness.

I have a moderate protan color blindness, if you don’t know what your type of color blindness is I suggest you go to the EnChroma website and take their test. Once you do that, it will give you a recommendation on the type of glasses which would work best for you. I found that the Cx 25 medium lens would work best for me as I spend a decent amount of my time both inside and outside and it’s a medium darkness lens. There are also a dark sunglass and a clear lens for indoor use. I purchased the glasses at a staggering, but not unheard of for the considerable potential, $450USD.


The glasses were delivered and the first thing I noticed upon my first use was that these glasses are not friendly to those of us with large heads. I chose a large size as I know I would need them but despite this the width of the frame was too small and the legs of the frame too long. The other issue I immediately noticed was that when taking them off or putting them on, the lenses, on two separate occasions, popped out of the frames. Notice until now I have avoided using the word glass and refer to them as lenses.  The lenses seem to be acrylic and not actual glass. The other issue that you should be aware of is that your eyes will take some time getting used to the filtering of the lenses to aid you in your color vision. Will you see immediate results upon wearing the glasses?  Not necessarily; in fact their instructions that come with the glasses say that it takes some time to get used to the glasses and has a recommended amount of time per day and days to use them before you may see results, so when you go to their website or you see reaction videos of people wearing the glasses for the “first time” it may not be a genuine reaction.


After all of the cons here are some pros, at least for me. I have been able to distinguish a greater depth of field of colors than I ever have in the past. Going outside I could see colors in flowerbeds and colors of cars as well as colors of stop lights and brake lights that I would not have normally seen. The glasses definitely gave me a marked improvement in my color vision despite there being a noted 15% chance they would not work for me. I attempted to contact the EnChroma company via their contact us messaging system on their website which was broken and incapable of sending messages after I tried multiple times. I then tried to call their corporate number only to be told by an automated message that I had to email them as their operators were too busy to speak with me. I finally got through to an email address that the message gave me and informed them of the problems as well as my concerns and issues with the glasses I purchased. The response was fairly quick, within the business day, and the support technician I was exchanging with was very polite and apologized for any inconveniences. They asked me for some pictures of the issues with the glasses which I provided and they immediately responded with their apologies and gave me a return shipping label for me to send the glasses back for repair or replacement.

Overall thoughts/ratings

  • Service: 9/10 Although it was difficult to get in contact with the company at first the representative who finally helped me was very polite and responsive.
  • Product quality: 7/10 This is not to be confused with whether or not the glasses worked. I wasn’t impressed with the special lenses which seem to be cheap plastic and the frames aren’t any better.
  • Overall rating of the company: 7/10

There is a 30 day full refund guarantee if you try them out and find they do not work for you.

Is it a good thing?  Yes.

If you have the money to spend I suggest you try them out, if they don’t work you have lost nothing as long as you return them within 30 days. Remember this, they may be selling you hope but sometimes hope can be worth waiting for when you have the chance to see all the colors of a rainbow for the first time in your life.

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