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Your little one can learn so much from graphing such as sorting and counting and this is one educational activity that is easy to set up and clean up. Read our latest preschool educational activity from Susen, The Dabbling Momma, and try something new this weekend. 

By Susen Kuchta

Graphing is important for preschoolers and can be lots of fun.  Graphing introduces things like sorting, comparing and counting.  At this age it’s probably best to try and use ‘real’ things to graph like stuffed animals for example.  Once the child gets comfortable with ‘real’ graphing you could try and use pictures of  things that the child can relate to.preschool graphing 2

Our first try at graphing was using ‘real’ objects of the primary colors.  I taped off an area on the floor using painters tape and wrote the primary colors on a piece of paper.  Once that was done, I asked my daughter to go around the house collecting things that had these colors and placing them in the correct column on our floor graph.  This part was alot of fun as she ‘hunted’ for the different colors.

preschool graphing 3After all the colors were placed onto our floor graph I wrote on a piece of paper the different colors and counted which color had more/less objects and wrote it onto our paper graph.

preschool graphing 4

Our next attempt at graphing was using pictures instead of real objects.  Since we started gardening I thought I would use pictures of fruits and vegetables.  I found some pictures online, printed and laminated them.  I also printed off some baskets and had FRUITS written on one and VEGETABLES written on the other.  On a very large piece of paper I mixed up the pictures of the fruits and veggies and had my preschooler sort them into the correct basket.  I was surprised that there were some fruits and veggies that she sorted into the wrong basket.  This was also a good way to learn the differences between these two kinds of foods.
preschool graphing 5preschool graphing 6

Once this part was finished, I made up a simple paper graph showing different kinds of vegetables.  I added family members to the list and had my daughter call and ask each person which vegetable on our graph was their favorite.  When we finished we were able to figure out which vegetable had more votes and which had less.
preschool graphing 7

In both of these graphs my preschooler had to organize, sort, compare and count.  It was a fun way to learn about math and graphing!

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