Parent’s Corner

If you are a parent; this is the place for you!

With most of our readers being parents or grandparents to children of all ages; we wanted to provide a resource center for those of us who are always looking for new ideas to keep the kids busy, looking for advice from others, or trying to find the perfect toy or gadget.

In our true stories section, we will share with you several different inspirational stories from parents with children or individuals, who have delays or special needs. We know, as professionals and parents, who work with and have children with delays, it’s always nice to know that we aren’t alone.  Many of these stories will be a series of articles, which will be posted each week, so stay tuned or sign up to receive our most recent posts and our newsletter with a monthly review and links to all articles posted to the magazine.

If you are parent, who would like to contribute, please let us know. You can send an email to with story ideas, tips, products you would like reviewed, or anything you can think of.

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