Paper Fan Craft

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Summer is right around the corner! Why not save a little on that air conditioning bill and try out our latest craft from The Pinterested Parent and make some fun paper fans with the kids this week.

By Kim Uliana, The Pinterested Parent

The warm weather is finally here. It feels like it’s already summer & the spring has only just begun.  Back when I was a little girl, there was no central air for those warm days. We had a box fan in the window & would fan ourselves with paper fans. Paper fans used to be one of my favorite things to make. They were quick & easy and they served a useful purpose as well. Today we don’t really need them to keep cool, but they still are cute to make. Here’s how.

How to:

Take 3 pieces of colorful construction paper & fold each one accordion style in the landscape position & then tape from end to end to form one large sheet.

pic fan 2Give your child a Q-tip & have them dot the papers in assorted colors.




fan 3With a paint brush or marker, add small leaves around the sides.




fan 4Glue or tape a painted or colored craft stick to each end. Tuck under a fold & leave about an inch of the stick showing on the bottom.




fan 5Fan out your paper & glue the two craft stick ends together to form a “V”.


Let dry & you have a cute summer craft. Try different designs & colors.

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  1. such a cute (and appropriate) summertime craft!

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