Outdoor Activity: Coke and Mentos

Coke science

Try this fun and messy yet educational outdoor activity with your kids today! Who doesn’t love explosions especially when they are done in a safe manner?!

By Natasha Johnson 

We recently had a kind of warm day. I was more than happy to welcome the warmth after all the cold that we had with no snow. My girls needed to get outside, heck I needed to get out into the air. I was saving this little project for the summer but I knew that my little ones would really enjoy it.

My girls like anything that fizzes, pops, explodes, and erupts. We often do these kind of experiments trying out different materials to see what could create the ultimate fizz, pop, explosion, and eruption. So of course I wanted to show them the Coke and Mentos thing, but I wanted to do more than just Mentos. I wanted to see what else we could use to get a reaction from the Coke.

What we used

  • Two 1 liter bottles of Coke-a-Cola
  • Two packs of Mentos
  • One Balloon
  • Card
  • Letter sized paper
  • Salt

The setup

  1. With the help of my tween we setup a small table out in the back (momma don’t want the mess on her ceiling!).
  2. We took one of our one liters and poured some Coke into another container because of one of my greedy little soda monsters. (They don’t get soda often so when it comes in the house they lose their minds.)
  3. Poured some salt inside the balloon
  4. Rolled up our letter sized paper to form a cone.

Science can be fun and messycoke and mentos

Now that we are all setup I called to my preschooler and toddler to come outside for a little fun. They were curious about what the setup wasand they were asking for more Coke.

I let my tween attach the balloon to the mouth of the opened container with the coke in it. I then let my toddler shake the salt from the balloon into the Coke and her reaction was priceless as she watched the balloon fill with gas and Coke. The girls really enjoyed watching this.

For the next one, I let my tween show us how it’s done because she’s done this exact thing already. She placed the card over the mouth of the other bottle and took the coned shaped paper and placed it on top of the card and dropped three Mentos in the cone. She then had the Preschooler remove the card from between the cone and mouth of the bottle and tried to hurriedly move out the way of the spout of Coke that came flying up and out. At this point a few of our neighbor children who were outside came to the fence wanting to see it again.

I pulled out another bottle of Coke and this time we poured some inside another bottle and added just the Mentos without using the cone or card and the spout up wasn’t as big.

We took the last part of the Coke and added both salt and Mentos at the same time using the same method as we did with the second one using the card and cone. Let me tell you that was not a spout of Coke but more of an explosion of Coke all over the place and whoever was in close range. This was the best one by far.

Final results & other options

Coke and Mentos ScienceAt the end, my preschooler pointed out that the one we did with the Mentos without the card wouldn’t spout as well because we couldn’t drop all three of them in at the same time so by doing them one at a time we only created a couple of little spouts at a time, which was not as cool as the first time.

Be sure to try other ingredients you can find around the house such as Baking Soda, cracked Mentos, Alka-Seltzer’s, and mixing all the ingredients together to get an ultimate spout of Coke.


Later in the day, I had my doorbell ring with kids wanting to do it again but they came with their own Cokes. It was a very fun day of science and time together with friends and family!

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  1. cool!! Looks like they had fun!

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