“New Year New You” ideas for your tweens & teens!


New Year’s Resolutions…Most adults make them, but what about teenagers? It’s never too late to start the new year with a resolutions; help your teen get started by making a resolution that sticks!

By Brittany Dyer


Start your young ones making New Year’s Resolutions early, so they can become lasting goals and habits as they grow older. Here are some ideas to help you encourage your youngsters with making New Year’s Resolutions.

  • Get Healthy: This does not particularly mean losing weight. Another concept would be to encourage your young adult to pick up a hobby that gets them moving. Skating, swimming, biking-any kind of physical activity is a good start, but help them choose something they enjoy! Help them set a plan. How many days a week will they do it? What if it is too hot or too cold? How long will they participate. Setting expectations from the beginning helps to prevent excuses in the future.
  • Be a Better You: Volunteering can help them feel good about themselves. Encourage them to serve at a local food bank. Have your teen give them a call to see how they can serve. Another idea is to visit a nursing home and spend time with the people there. Building a home for Habitat for Humanity for a family in need is another fun option, especially if they like building things. Encourage your teenager to serving in your community, like helping with a political campaign or other community projects going on.
  • Try New Things: Being a teen is hard. Oftentimes, youngsters feel like they fail at everything. Why not try something new? Something they have always wanted to do? Something they could succeed at? They could learn to play an instrument, gain a new hobby or master baking. The possibilities are endless.
  • Be an Example: This is a tough one, but it can be accomplished. Help your teenager stand up for the things they believe in. Guide them to help them avoid falling into the trap of using drugs and alcohol, even if their friends are doing it!
  • Work: There is nothing like being able to buy stuff you want with money you have earned on your own. Your child could mow yards in your neighborhood for some extra cash, tutor others, babysit, work at the local theater or other local businesses or become a lifeguard to put some extra money in your pocket.
  • Study Hard: Encourage your student to study more both in and out of the classroom. Encourage your child to inquire inside the classroom and answer questions inside the classroom. Encourage them to study a little bit every night before going to bed.
  • Love Others: I am not talking about just a boyfriend or girlfriend. Help your children learn to love their mom and dad, their siblings, their friends. A good way to show love to others is to sit and listen to what they have to say. As teens, life can be so busy, but giving someone your undivided attention is a great way to show them how much you love them. Everyone loves to be heard, right? Encourage them to unplug from technology. Yes! Put down the phone or other electronic device of choice. It allows us to be available to other people. See volunteering above. Volunteering does not just allow your teen to feel good about himself, but it allows them to show love to other people. Encourage them to get together with their friends regularly. All of these things allow them to learn how to love and learn how to feel loved.

Hopefully some of these tips can get your young one on the right track of setting some New Year’s Resolutions that are attainable throughout the year!

Photo by Christopher Chan CC BY NC ND 2.o

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