Meadow Kids Review: Silly Faces Bath Stickers

Meadow Kids Silly Faces Bath Stickers

By Becky Horace

About Meadow Kid
Meadow Kids is a company that produces toys and books for the ages of preschoolers and ‘Key stage 1’ age groups, meaning ages ranging from 2-4 years old and 4-8 years old. The products are designed in the United Kingdom with the intention to enhance family interaction. Meadow Kids prides itself in designing and producing high quality but above all else, safe toys for our little ones to play with. They start the process of screening the toys for safety concerns from the design phase, through rigorous testing on the prototype and production stages, and finally in the post production stage; all of the documentation on that particular toy is available upon request.

The Product
I was sent the Silly Faces Bath Stickers. This toy was made for children aged 3 and up due to the fact that some of the pieces could become a choking hazard to smaller children. The packet of silly faces has 37 colorful foam pieces, allowing for your children to DSC_0085be very creative in their creation of the perfect face. Included in the pack you will find two faces that your child will use as their blank canvas. From there they will have several different hair style options in different colors, eye sizes and colors, four eye glasses options, eyebrows and eyelashes, facial hair, and several different noses. As you might know from my previous reviews, Meadow Kids prides itself on creating toys which enhance development. This toy was created with the intention to promote creativity, communication, imagination, design work, and bath time fun!

My toddler’s reaction
Once my son returns home at the end of the day after school and therapy, he enjoys his dinner and then it’s bath time. We normally have what I call a “bath time battle” where he will pitch a fit, cry and carry on about how he wants to play with his toys and not start the nightly routine. Every single night, it’s a battle and I win about 50% of the time; luckily Meadow Kids sent these stickers as reinforcements to the battle field and they won the battle for the night.

I kept telling my son that I had a surprise for him in the bath tub but he must have thought I was trying to trick him and lure him into his room. After a while of negotiation, my son refused to take a bath so I did what any mom, who had prepared a surprise for their whinny kid would do and I picked him up as he cried and took him to the tub. Once he saw the silly faces I had already made for him in the tub, his tears stopped. He pointed and said “surprise?” I replied “Oooo so now you want to take a bath? Yes that’s your surprise would you like to play in the tub?” I was answered with a quiet and sheepish “yes…”

DSC_0105Mommy wins again! He played without any argument for a while picking out the different eyes he wanted to use. He would ask for eyebrows and for a nose. This was another great opportunity for my son to experiment by using his imagination to make something new and exciting. We also talked a lot about the colors and the objects he was using and descriptive words such as “bushy beard, big circle glasses, little nose, and small green eyes”; Meadow Kids always produces incredible interactive toys that allow for a lot of language building.

Meadow Kids has sent us another fun toy to make for one happy toddler and one less bath time battle.

If you think your little one would like this toy check out this link: Meadow Kids Silly Faces Bath Time Stickers

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