Meadow Kids Review: Little Dinosaur learns to ROAR!


By: Becky Horace

About Meadow Kids

Meadow Kids is a company that produces toys and books for the ages of preschoolers and ‘Key stage 1’ age groups, meaning ages ranging from 2-4 years old and 4-8 years old. The products are designed in the United Kingdom with the intention to enhance family interaction. Meadow Kids prides itself in designing and producing high quality but above all else, safe toys for our little ones to play with. They start the process of screening the toys for safety concerns from the design phase, through rigorous testing on the prototype and production stages, and finally in the post production stage; all of the documentation on that particular toy is available upon request.

My 1st opinion

I was sent the puppet board book entitled “Little Dinosaur learns to ROAR!” by Karen Hayes & Samantha Meredith to review.  My initial response when I opened the packaging was the book was colorful, fun, and the hand puppet was just awesome!  My little boy, who has language delays, doesn’t say much but there is one thing that he can say and that’s “ROAR!” Whenever we see a dinosaur in a book or museum, I will ask him “what does a dino say?”; his response will be to throw his hands in the air and yell “ROAR!” This is just an added bonus that this book is about dinosaurs and it’s one of the few verbal interactions we can have together.

The look of the book

The book is sturdy and the illustrations are simple, colorful and sweet; I especially like the mommy dinosaur with a flower behind her ear. The hand puppet is the mouth of Danny the dinosaur. The puppet’s outside of the mouth is made of a soft material, which feels like velour. When you open the puppet’s mouth, you will see a pink canvas inside with felt white teeth and felt pink tongue.  I believe the use of different textures here is a well placed sensory aspect little ones will enjoy discovering.  The puppet aspect allows the children and parents to bring the story to life as they share story time.

Short and sweet story

The story is about Danny the dinosaur, the littlest dino, who has a hard time getting his roar to come across strong and ferocious like his other dinosaur friends.  He tries to roar but it comes out too soft, but his mother encourages him to try again.  Danny tries to ROAR, but it’s not as awe inspiring as his peers’ roars.  His mother is his constant encouragement, which only seems reasonable as all mothers dinosaurs should be.  Finally, little Danny roars so loud he can be heard by everyone.  He has gained his confidence through the constant support of his mother and goes about roaring all day until he passes out for a nap.

This would definitely be a book for the ages of 1-3 years old. The story is very short  so I believe would not be enough for a bedtime read, but it would definitely be a good book for afternoon story time.

My toddler’s reaction

As I walked up to my son with the book in hand, he was curious as to what this new toy might be.  The moment I opened Danny the dinosaur’s mouth  and said “ROAR!” he was in awe.  I think this might be my son’s first puppet book and he loved it.  He couldn’t stop examining the nose, opening the mouth wide, putting his hands into the puppet, and looking through the hole in the pages where the hand puppet would go.  I would say this is a toddler approved product with lots of smiles and giggles as he examined every square inch of this board book.

Well done Meadow Kids! Well done! 



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