Meadow Kids Review: Dinosaurs & Aliens Stamps & Scenes


By Becky Horace

About Meadow Kids

Meadow Kids is a company that produces toys and books for the ages of preschoolers and ‘Key stage 1’ age groups, meaning ages ranging from 2-4 years old and 4-8 years old. The products are designed in the United Kingdom with the intention to enhance family interaction. Meadow Kids prides itself in designing and producing high quality but above all else, safe toys for our little ones to play with. They start the process of screening the toys for safety concerns from the design phase, through rigorous testing on the prototype and production stages, and finally in the post production stage; all of the documentation on that particular toy is available upon request.

My 1st opinion

I was sent the Dinosaurs & Aliens Stamps & Scenes. My toddler is just starting to enjoy arts & craft time. School and therapy have helped with that but still with having a three year old boy I have found our arts & crafts time is much different from our little girl friends/counterparts, who will sit patiently and color for what seems like an eternity. My boy will not sit down for long to enjoy the sweet calming sensation that coloring can bring but I think this product might make our arts & craft time different from the usual. My son has discovered dinosaurs recently and will run around the house “roaring” at me (thanks to the cute Meadow Kids Book I was sent a month ago-read the review here) and he has just started to put together the idea of space ships, stars, planets and outer space. I do not think he has any concept of aliens or spacemen but this will be a great learning experience.

The toy

The packaging is colorful and fun, with a box covered in silly smiling dinosaurs and one eyed aliens, what’s not to like?  Inside the box, there is a bag full of white foam with rubber bottom stamps, eight are dinosaur related and the other eight are for your kid’s alien adventures. To help with the stamping fun, your toy comes with two ink pads, one red and one black.  For your child’s stamping delight, you are given a book, which holds six pages of dinosaur settings and six pages of space settings, in addition to the instructions on how to use this product. Your little one will enjoy using the stamps to create a vibrant scene from prehistoric times or a futuristic scene of outer space. When their stamping is complete, they can use the assortment of rainbow colored felt tip markers to color in their beautiful design. The best part about this product is the perforated edges in the notebook so that your child can share their beautiful masterpiece with a family member or friend.

The benefits

Like all toys from Meadow Kids, they are fun and educational. I really love how all of the products that I have been sent to review have a focus on building communication, which is something we are working on with our son now as he attends speech therapy. Not only does this toy promote communication as you discuss the different scenes, stamps and colors; it also allows your child to be creative and use their imagination in any way they see fit. If your little one wants to put the T-Rex on the moon chasing after the space man and his rocket ship; let him! This is the time for your kid to explore different possibilities and in doing so you create so many opportunities for language development.

This toy was created for children ages three and older, which I would agree is appropriate because there is no way I would have ever been able to get my son at a younger age to participate in this without trying to eat a stamp.

My toddler’s reaction

My son is limited in his vocabulary but I do know when he likes something. He will use one word specifically: “WOW!” This toy was such a great success he stayed in one place for thirty minutes playing with all of the stamps! In my opinion, a mark of a good toy is one that can keep the attention of a toddler boy. He was so happy to make a picture for his daddy full of aliens and dinosaurs. He was free to put the stamps wherever he wanted; we had dinosaurs flying through the air with a spaceman on their backs and a spaceship launching out of a volcano. It was wonderful to have quality playtime with my son, in addition to a great learning experience. My son can now say alien; any day we can add a word to our repertoire is a good day.


The product warnings on the box have to do with the ink for the stamps and markers. Just a word of caution to the parents using this product, better to be safe than sorry, so put your kid in old clothes you don’t mind if they get a little stain on them and if they do happen to get ink on their clothes you should soak them right away.  My son was covered head to toe in ink but it all came right off in the bath hours later.


Always a fun afternoon with Meadow Kids!

If you think your child would enjoy this toy, check out this link: Meadow Kids Dinosaurs, Aliens-Stamps and Pen To Draw Scenes

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