Meadow Kids Review: Bath Time Mix & Match Characters Bath Stickers

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About Meadow Kids

Meadow Kids is a company that produces toys and books for the ages of preschoolers and ‘Key stage 1’ age groups, meaning ages ranging from 2-4 years old and 4-8 years old. The products are designed in the United Kingdom with the intention to enhance family interaction. Meadow Kids prides itself in designing and producing high quality but above all else, safe toys for our little ones to play with. They start the process of screening the toys for safety concerns from the design phase, through rigorous testing on the prototype and production stages, and finally in the post production stage; all of the documentation on that particular toy is available upon request.

My 1st opinion

I was sent the Mix & Match Characters Bath Stickers. I was so excited to see a bath toy because to be honest our bath time has become rather dull and we needed to spice things up a bit! The smiling face of the policeman in the clear packaging made me smile and think “my kid will love this!” and I was right!

The toy

When you open the packaging you have twenty seven pieces, giving you nine characters. The body is broken down into three parts; the head, the torso, and the legs. Your child will enjoy playing mix and match with the spaceman, piolet, cowboy, clown, fireman, policeman, soccer player, a knight and a construction worker. My son is fascinated with the cowboys belt buckle and rarely allows me to mix and match but I think that is just him being a three year old control freak.

The benefits

This bath toy gives us a more interactive bath experience. We talk about what the characters are wearing which is great for boosting his communication skills; such as “does the policeman have silly clown shoes on?! Or what color is the spaceman’s shoes?”  Meadow Kids designed this toy for ages three and up and was made with the intention to promote problem solving, communication, thinking and creativity.

My toddler’s reaction

We are going through a stage where we fight bath time. Well really my toddler fights everything but when I opened this toy up and started throwing the “people” into the bath tub, it sparked his interest. He enjoys sticking the toys on the side of the bath tub and making the characters come to life. Since he enjoys the toys so much in the bathtub, we ask him when it is bath time if he is ready to go see the “people” and that normally mitigates any bath time/bed time drama.


The only con I have to mention on this product or really just a word to the wise parent. Do not stack the pieces wet. Let them dry out completely before stacking. We didn’t think about this in our cleanup of the bath toys and on some of the pieces the color has faded off onto the other pieces. Your child will not notice and certainly it doesn’t change the product to where you wouldn’t want to use it but I thought I would mention it.


Another fun toy from Meadow Kids!

If you think your child would enjoy this toy, check out this link: Meadow Kids People Bath Mix and Match Set 


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