Meadow Kids Review: 4 Early Learning Books


By Becky Horace

About Meadow Kid
Meadow Kids is a company that produces toys and books for the ages of preschoolers and ‘Key stage 1’ age groups, meaning ages ranging from 2-4 years old and 4-8 years old. The products are designed in the United Kingdom with the intention to enhance family interaction. Meadow Kids prides itself in designing and producing high quality but above all else, safe toys for our little ones to play with. They start the process of screening the toys for safety concerns from the design phase, through rigorous testing on the prototype and production stages, and finally in the post production stage; all of the documentation on that particular toy is available upon request.

DSC_0284The Product
I was sent the 4 Early Learning Books designed and illustrated by Jessica Taunton. These board books were created for kids to “have fun learning the alphabet, numbers, colours and opposites.” Meadow Kids created this book set for ages 1 and up with the intention of promoting communication, reading, speaking and building ones imagination. This product came at a perfect time to our house, as my toddler is actually learning about these concepts in preschool every week with the teacher highlighting a new color, number, and letter. I knew this would be great practice for him.

The Look
DSC_0011My first impression of the books is that they are solid, heavy duty board books, which is a must for babies and toddlers. The pages are thick and I believe your child would find it hard to bend the pages in the wrong direction allowing for your books to last a long time. The illustrations in all of the books are colorful, playful, and designed well to look like what is being described.

In the Numbers book, your little one will learn to count from 1-12 by studying the colorful drawings of monkeys playing in trees or owls sitting in their nest. The Opposites book has an opposite illustration on every page, teaching your child the difference between day and night all the way to hot and cold temperatures with a sunny beach compared to a snowy artic full of penguins. In the Alphabet book, your toddler will discover the alphabet; A through Z with both upper and lower case letters, a word, and the corresponding illustration to the word chosen. And last but certainly not least, the Colours book will teach your child 12 different colors, the written form of the word for the color being described, and several different illustrations of objects of the color being discussed. For example, on the red color page; you will see illustrations of an apple, ladybug, red capped mushrooms, cherries, and strawberries.

DSC_0013The Reaction
Every night we have story time and after we have read the book, my toddler and I usually try to recall the happenings of his day. I will ask him what he learned that day from his teacher and what color he painted his crafts; really anything to boost his vocabulary. Tonight, I decided we would try out these fun board books to knock out the bedtime book readDSC_0028ing and talking about what he had learned for the day “routine”.

His surprise was lying on his bed and he came running out of the bathroom with a big smile on his face to see new books waiting for him. He wanted to read through each book and so we did; first with the colors book, then the numbers, followed by the alphabet book and finally the opposites book. Although these are not your usual story time books for bed, we read through all of the text on the pages and discussed every detail of the illustrations allowing for a lot of vocabulary time. After one round of all four books, I thought we were done but the toddler decided he was up for round two. Clearly he enjoyed these greatly and was excited to share with me all of the words he is learning in school.

This is a great interactive, learning book set. Meadow Kids never ceases to please in our house! 

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