Learning Fun with Pasta Crafts

pasta fun

Let you little one play with their food, well sort of. Try this fun indoor activity from The Pinterested Parent that you can do today with your child to boost creativity, imaginative plan, and fine motor skills. 

By Kim Uliana, The Pinterested Parent 

pasta funI had a reader ask me recently if I thought that 18 months was too early for her to do crafts with her son. I am definitely not an expert, but for me I introduced arts & crafts to my daughter as early as I could. I wanted her to exercise her creativity at an early age. It was something that I hoped that we would be able to share. We began finger painting before she turned one and we continued to introduce new crafts and art mediums ever since.

Some of the crafts that I attempt with my daughter may be a little advanced for her to do alone, but there are always ways to incorporate your child’s skills into your projects while they learn some new ones.

One of my favorite craft materials is pasta. It’s cheap, it’s usually always handy and there are so many possibilities. It’s also is a great craft for children of all ages. I recently made pasta crafts with my 2 year old and a friend’s 9 year old daughter. They both enjoyed it equally, just at different skill levels. Here are a few cute and easy pasta crafts that you can try.

What you will need

  • Assorted pasta: ziti, wagon wheels, medium sized shells, spirals, bowties & spaghetti
  • Glue
  • Paint
  • Wax paper


Pasta Flower

You may choose to paint your pasta either before or after construction. I prefer to let my daughter paint before assembly to ensure that all sides are painted. The finished product usually looks neater as well.

You will need a pasta wagon wheel for the center of your flower. On a piece of wax paper, glue the shells around the wagon wheel for the petals. Make sure to glue the sides of the petals as well. Be generous with your glue. Use two pieces of ziti to form your stem and add two more shells to form your leaves. Let dry. Don’t worry if it sticks to the paper. The wax paper will peel right off from the glue once dried. Another option is to glue directly to a piece of construction paper.

*You may also use a glue gun for a quicker construction, but be sure that it’s an adult who does it as it can cause injury in small children.catapillar

Pasta Caterpillar

Glue wagon wheel pastas together in a wavy pattern as shown below. Break off two pieces of spaghetti and glue to form antennas. I used a piece of ditalin at the end, but it’s optional.

butterflyPasta Butterfly

Glue one spiral pasta up the middle of a bowtie. Add two pieces of spaghetti for the sunantennas.

Pasta Sun

For this craft, Use a wagon wheel for your center and alternate a spiral pasta and ziti around the outside. Use a generous amount of glue and make sure to glue the joining sides as well.


When all crafts are done, they will form a nice scene. Pasta can be a lot of fun. Don’t be afraid to experiment.  Add other craft materials to give your projects a little extra pizazz.

Most of all make sure that you and your child have fun with it. Happy crafting!



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  2. One is cuter than the next!! Definitely have to try pasta creating!!

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