Kim Uliana: The Pinterested Parent

The Pinterested Parent

Kim Uliana is a loving wife to her best friend & mommy to their smartie pants little girl, who loves to learn, craft, and play. She is an artist, a crafter and a Pinterest addict. When she first started her blog it was meant to be an outlet for her addiction. Her plan was to recreate her favorite Pinterest pins and share her experiences with her readers. She has learned along the way that a person can find inspiration everywhere and you might even surprise yourself with new ideas along the way.

Please join Kim as she cooks, bakes, crafts, and learns through inspiring ideas from others and through some of her own, while serving up a side order of life.

You can see more from Kim on her website: The Pinterested Parent, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+.

Check out all of Kim’s posts for SEEK in our Parent’s Corner under the Activities for Kids: Indoor Activities!

4 Responses to Kim Uliana: The Pinterested Parent

  1. Kathleen Kelleher says:

    Looking forward to reading Kim’s articles. She’s a wonderfully loving, creative and smart mom!

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