Kid Halloween Activity: Are you my mummy?


With a simple piece of material, you can turn a child into a fun monster while boosting development to get in the Halloween mood!



By Barbara Sher, The Games Lady


  • Playing with others
  • Proprioceptive stimulation
  • Vestibular Stimulation
  • Imagination


Ace bandages, elastic therapy bands or a long scarf


Unroll the bandage to get it ready to wrap a child.


Have one child stand still while the other children, with and adult directing, wrap the bandage around the child’s body. Mime a mummy’s stiff-legged walk for the wrapped child to imitate. Demonstrate funny sounds to accompany the walk.

mummyWhat is being learned

  • The pressure of the bandage can be very comforting to children who are seeking proprioceptive input. A child’s balancing skills are being challenged when they try to walk while wrapped.
  • Wrapping others up can make them aware that other children have similar body parts and that they enjoy the tactile input of touching and being touched.
  • If the variations are played, children also get a chance to use their imaginations and pretend to be a doctor, patient, or scared kid running from a pretend mummy.


  • Wrap a body part and make the activity one of a doctor and patient. The doctor is fixing the patient’s arm or leg.
  • Wrap an inanimate object, such as a teddy bear and turn it into a mummy that chases after the kids.


The temperament of the child determines whether the whole body is wrapped, whether the arms are included in the wrapping or whether just one body part is wrapped. Some children seek out deep touch, while others avoid it. Let the awareness help you decide what is wrapped, who is the wrapper and who is the wrapped one.



Previously published in in their September/October 2010 issue


photo by Stephanie Elliott CC BY- NC-ND-2.0

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