Kid Activity: Listening Game


There are so many sounds in our world and hearing one that can’t be easily identified can be scary for children. Our latest activity from The Games Lady can help to make these sounds more familiar.


By Barbara Sher, The Games Lady


Learning Goals

  • Listening
  • Identifying
  • Auditory Stimulation
  • Group Participation


  • Recordings of common sounds


Make a recording of common sounds, such as a car starting, water running, a vacuum cleaner running, a dog barking, a door closing, and a toilet flushing.


Have the children sit and tell them you are going to ask them to listen to the sounds. When the children are quiet you can start the recording. After each sound you can stop the recording and ask them, “what made that sound?” If needed, give them choices, “was that a toilet flushing or a dog barking?” Make the choices as obvious or as subtle as needed by the group.


  • Let one of the players start and stop the recorder.
  • Have children try to imitate the sounds they hear.

What is being learned?

Children are learning by sound the objects that are active in their daily lives. This will help them not to be alarmed when a sound comes on suddenly. They begin to see that many things make a sound and these sounds can be identified. If this activity is done in a group, they are also learning about others’ interpretations of the sounds.


  • For the child who alarms easily, let him control the stopping and starting of the recorder or play the sounds at a low volume.
  • For the child who needs visuals to understand, have photos or pictures of the objects to accompany the sounds.



previously published in in their January/February 2011 issue

photo by Mark McQuade CC BY ND 2.0

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