Children Book Reviews: See to Wit


Wit comes in different packages in this month’s reviews. All these books are classics from the finest authors of all time. Read them loud and proud, if you can!

By Jennifer Evangelista


By Roald Dahl

Age: 7 and up

Matilda is a remarkable four year old stuck with parents who couldn’t care less. She’s excited to start school only to face the headmistress, Miss Trunchbull, whose pastime is terrorizing children. With her wit and innate genius she more than just survives the “The Trunchbull” and in the end happily finds the family she deserves.

As I rekindled my friendship with Malida post preteen angst, I surprisingly still see her as my alter ego. However, reading it as an adult and as a mother, I also see her now as a child I want to put under my wing.

Dahl is truly a master storyteller; he transports you right smack in the middle of the story. He makes you see the sparkle in Matilda’s innocent eyes and feel the hope in her every step.

This book is for older children who can immerse themselves in a longer read. However, a younger audience would also appreciate being read to over the course of more than a few nights.

One thing is for certain — it is definitely a great story to fall asleep to and to dream sweet dreams of good things to come.


Fox in Socks 

fox in sock

By Dr. Seuss

Age: 3 and up

A bright red fox in loose-fitting blue socks teaches a somewhat arrogant Mr. Knox tongue twisters. In the midst of absence of a tangible plot, you will discover why Dr. Seuss is a creative genius. He goes beyond teaching itty-bitties to read; he makes them want to learn and dive into reading giggly-head first.

Captivating in its simplicity, this book is undoubtedly a perennial favorite. Unfortunately, it has not gained popularity as other Dr. Seuss classics. To appreciate its bravado, it must be read out loud.

The cool fox makes young impatient book-flippers engaged. The hilarious text makes them (and you) roll on the floor laughing.

Everyone needs a good laugh. In very simple logic, obviously, everyone needs this book. Now, go and get your tongue in trouble!


gruffaloThe Gruffalo

By Julia Donaldson

Age: 5 to 8

A little clever mouse treads the deep woods and bumps into three of the scariest animals – all want to trick him into their bellies. He outwits these animals describing an imaginary monster who proves to be all too real.

With its fun story line that reminds me of the Three Billy Goats Gruff, rhymes that roll of the tongue, and rhythm that can rival Michael Jackson’s Thriller, this book is begging to be read out loud.

It is no wonder that this book has remained a staple in preschools and home libraries all over town. Donaldson has done a great job ensuring her book’s spot among the classics.

Some critics say that it is the best thing since sliced bread; that is, of course, with or without a mouse in the middle.

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