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Why Does My Child Walk on His Toes?


Does your child toe walk? Are you worried about it? There are many theories as to the cause of toe walking and the treatment for it, but does it even need treatment? Is toe walking that abnormal? By Karen Beardsley

Postpartum Depression


May is Postpartum Depression Awareness Month. By Brittany Dyer Postpartum depression occurs when a woman has moderate to severe depression after giving birth. It may not develop immediately and can even show up within a year of giving birth to

Transitioning to Employment: Adults with Special Needs


Young adults with special needs have a hard road ahead when it comes to transitioning to employment but with the right help such ass Steps with Theera they can make it happen.   By Max Simpson   The job market is tough for anyone, look at all

5 reasons why your kid should play sports


See what our experts are saying about the importance of sports and let us know what you think about our top 5 reasons as to why they should! By Brittany Dyer   When we look around the world, we can

Workouts for you & baby

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You need to workout and get your body back. Your baby needs to be with you. What do you do? Work out together! These exercises both work your muscles and give baby the lessons they are working on. It’s a

Self Regulation


One of our experts explains self regulation and what it means in children and introduces some simple concepts you can practice at home to help.    By Karen Beardsley    Have you ever found yourself tapping your foot while you

Recipe: Sweet Corn Soup


Priyam’s Kitchen for Kids has a new recipe for you to try. This week she is sharing with our readers how to make a sweet corn soup with chicken strips and quail eggs.  By Priyam Sachdev   I know what you

Social Stories: Help prepare your kid for life

Beautiful 14 Year Old Teen Girl Reading Book

Does your child have difficulty accepting change? Does she get upset every time there is something different for supper? Does he become silent when around other children or try so hard to make friends that he scares the other children

Book Review: Everyday Games for Sensory Processing Disorder


Barbara Sher, The Games Lady, is one of our expert contributors here at SEEK Magazine. She has a new book out, which is full of fun activities to help boost your child’s development especially if they have Sensory Processing Disorder.

Recipe: Citrus Sea Bass


Priyam’s Kitchen for Kids has a new recipe for you to try. This week she is sharing with our readers how to make her household’s favorite fish dish.   By Priyam Sachdev   I am most excited to share my house