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Kid Activity: Sand Play


Sand play is fun for any age, either on the playground at the sandbox or at the beach, try out this new activity from The Games Lady! By Barbara Sher, The Games Lady   We know that children pay attention

Toddler Activity: The Cloud Game


The cool fall days are upon us and there is nothing better than being outside in this beautiful weather. If you have a cloudy day take a blanket and go outside to try our newest toddler activity from The Games Lady but really

Friendship & Children

friend pic 1

Friendships made at school can last a life time or be over in a week but the life skills we learn when we are young help to build the basis on how we make and maintain friendships. Read our latest tips

Toddler Activity: The Sponge Pass


The end of summer is upon us but that won’t stop your child from having one last fun day in the pool. Try out our latest toddler activity from The Games Lady that will make your kids final days of summer

Sensory Activities for Summer Break


You know it’s coming… “I’m bored mom!” Be prepared with these fun sensory activities from our expert Occupational Therapist to boost brain development during the summer months.   By Karen Beardsley, OTR   School is almost out for summer. Even

Activity: Pedal to the number


Here is a fun outdoor activity to keep the kids busy and out of your house for a little while this summer!    By Susen Kuchta, The Dabbling Momma   This is a simple activity that you can do on a

Toddler Activity: Bubble Blowing


Toddler games are always fun and blowing bubbles is always a crowd pleaser. See what Barbara Sher, The Games Lady has to say about what your child is learning.  By Barbara Sher, The Games Lady  Take out a bubble wand,

Toddler Activity: Balloon Baseball


Balloons are one of the best toys because they attract attention, light weight, and easy to play with. Try this new game to boost development from The Games Lady. By Barbara Sher, The Games Lady  This game uses the balloon

Fun for Kids: Science Experiments for Preschoolers

water 1

Teach your child a love of science early by trying one of our easy and not so messy science experiments for preschoolers from The Pinterested Parent.  By Kim Uliana Science experiments are a fun and interactive way to play and learn

Outdoor Activity: Coke and Mentos

Coke science

Try this fun and messy yet educational outdoor activity with your kids today! Who doesn’t love explosions especially when they are done in a safe manner?! By Natasha Johnson  We recently had a kind of warm day. I was more than happy