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Kid Activity: Sand Play


Sand play is fun for any age, either on the playground at the sandbox or at the beach, try out this new activity from The Games Lady! By Barbara Sher, The Games Lady   We know that children pay attention

Kid Christmas Activity: Wrapping Paper Game


Picture this: Everyone has opened their Christmas presents and played with their toys. The living room is strewn with wrapping paper and ribbons, you’ve already eaten, it’s too cold or wet to go outside right now and the natives are

Kid Activity: Listening Game


There are so many sounds in our world and hearing one that can’t be easily identified can be scary for children. Our latest activity from The Games Lady can help to make these sounds more familiar.   By Barbara Sher,

Kid Halloween Activity: Are you my mummy?


With a simple piece of material, you can turn a child into a fun monster while boosting development to get in the Halloween mood!     By Barbara Sher, The Games Lady Goals Playing with others Proprioceptive stimulation Vestibular Stimulation

Making Your Own Educational Toys


One of our experts explains how simple creating your own educational toys can be by using materials right in your own home. Save your money and get creative!   By Barbara Sher, The Games Lady   I remember the first time

Friendship & Children

friend pic 1

Friendships made at school can last a life time or be over in a week but the life skills we learn when we are young help to build the basis on how we make and maintain friendships. Read our latest tips

5 Easy Bath Time Activities

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The Pinterested Parent shares with our readers her 5 simple bath time activities to keep the kids happy while they are getting scrubbed down.    By Kim Uliana, The Pinterested Parent   I don’t know about you but bath time

Toddler Activity: Styrofoam Hammering


If you are home with the kids this summer and you feel that you have already run out of activities to entertain your toddler try this latest activity from Barbara Sher: The Games Lady.    By Barbara Sher: The Games Lady

Toddler Activity: Penny Flick


Try our latest toddler activity from The Games Lady. This is a quickly organized social and fine motor game with easy to find materials, pennies.   By Barbara Sher, The Games Lady     DIRECTIONS Partner two children across from

Toddler Activity: Dump & Fill


Enjoying filling and dumping out objects is a stage in every child’s development. In this toddler activity it’s the filling step that is the changing challenge.     By Barbara Sher, The Games Lady     SETUP If you use