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Fashionista or fashion faux pas?


Enjoy our humorous parenting tips on how to deal with your little fashionista and any drama that might ensue from the “getting dressed” battle. By Becky Horace We just hit the phase of “I want to dress myself.” My son is almost

Parenting: The Eternal Battle


The war rages on! Although some days as the parent we feel as if we have lost the battle of the wills, our hope is that we will eventually win the war! Our stay-at-home-dad shares his views on how the battle of the wills

5 things I’m asked as a stay at home dad

stay at home dad funny post

Our resident stay at home dad shares with SEEK the top 5 questions he is asked since he began his new role and his responses.  By Louis Rees  My experience tells me that stay at home dads are still a