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Teens: Tops tips to prepare for college


Preparing your child to go to college begins before he even fills out the first application. See what our experts are saying about how we can prepare our children for college at any age with these top tips.    By

Teens: Out of Control

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Is your teen out of control? Start the new year off on the right foot and follow these tips from our expert on how to help manage your teen’s behavior. By Brittany Dyer   In the past, I have talked with

Teenagers: Raging Hormones vs Depression


How do you tell the difference between normal teenage hormones or determining if your teenager has depression? Our expert, Brittany Dyer, shares with our readers the depression signs parents need to be aware of.   By Brittany Dyer   We

Teenage Girls: Self esteem & Confidence


Words that don’t always seem to go together: self-esteem and teenager. Read what one of our leading experts has to say on the topic of teenage girls and how you as the adult can help tackle this problem of low

Suicide: How to save your child


We wanted to share our top tips on what to do if you suspect your child is exhibiting suicidal thoughts or behavior. We know this can be a scary subject but these very basic tips could save a life… Do

Change isn’t all bad


Don’t let change be such a scary thought for your child. Instead be prepared, read our tips from our experts, and help your little one transition smoothly, be it to a new classroom, school or host country.    By Donna

Confessions of a former Teacher:  Opting Out (Escape from Demands)

opting out

How does your child respond when you ask them to do something?  In this article, Behavior Analyst and Mom, Natasha Beene shares how to increase learning by working through challenges. By Natasha Beene What happens to our children when we

Social, Emotional, & Behavioral Problems in Teens


If you are worried your teenager might be facing some learning difficulties be on the look out for these three common types of behavior as a potential red flag.   By Julia Knight Discovering your child may have additional educational