Book Review: Peculia Fright’s Awful Night

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Two teachers by trade take their skills to the next level to follow their dreams of self-publishing a children’s book. SEEK Magazine dives into how this process started and gives you a little preview of this adorable new book; Peculia Fright’s Awful Night!


By Becky Horace

Dreams can come true

Julia and Rachel, both longtime friends and school teachers, decided to create a children’s rhyming picture book. With Julia William’s teaching career focus being on the Early Years and Foundation Stage development, meaning how a child acquires and retains language through rhymes, and with Rachel Harker as an art teacher, a children’s book was the perfect fit!

First, the two teachers thought they would look into an iPad app but that apparently wasn’t in the cards as it seemed to fall through after having it developed. They didn’t let that stop them! They had a dream and they were going to see it through and started to look for alternatives. Through Julia’s research she found Britain’s Next Best Seller.  This process is a little different than you would think for going about publishing a children’s book but it seems to be working. Britain’s Next Best Seller is a crowdfunding website and their campaign for this book launched last month.

With the project being crowd funded, Peculia Fright’s Awful Night has to reach a certain preorder target in order for it to be published. Currently, this book has buyers from around the world in places like the US, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Malta, Singapore, Australia, Ireland, the UK, and Thailand just to name a few! Julia and Rachel have to reach 500 preorders in order for the book to be published and currently they are at 289 copies with 40 days to go until the deadline. The race is on!

The story

Peculia’s story is a fun one because Julia actually focuses on the scary side of a child’s imagination. You know like when your kid is convinced the dinosaur is hiding in the closet or the lava is about to explode out of the volcano… well that is what’s happening at my house currently with my toddler but I digress. That childhood imagination can be an amazing thing but at the same time it can be brutal, with every loud noise and little bump in the night fear can grow.

In the story, Peculia is normally a very brave little girl but something wakes her from sleep and now she isn’t so sure how brave she actually is… will she get out of bed to investigate?

The rhythm of this book is fantastic. Julia has an amazing ability with words and after only reading a little bit I was smiling ear to ear knowing my son would greatly enjoy the fun tone and suspense of the story.

“Peculia Fright dressed in pyjamas, sat in her bed.

She rubbed her eyes and she scratched her head.

The noises she heard had woken her from slumber and with every second, grew louder than thunder.

Peculia Fright was a brave little girl but the noise was so bad, her toes started to curl.”

Rachel has done a great job on the art work as well. The dark blues, the crisp white of the linens as the wide eyed girl sits up startled in her bed grasping her covers is a scene any parent can relate to and sets the tone for the evening mystery. Little Peculia’s wide eyes will keep your little one engaged and wondering what could possibly happen next!

This is a book that Julia and Rachel wanted to share with beginner readers in the hope that they might enjoy trying to read to themselves or have some read to them at bedtime.


I believe this will be a hit bedtime story for your child if you give it a chance! You can pre-order your copy on Britain’s Next Best Seller for 4.49 pounds! What a steal compared to the expensive book stores!

Help make their dream a reality and surprise your little one with a new great read!

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