Adolescence Social Development

Adolescent social development

If you ever remember feeling anxious, clueless and confused during the adolescences years of your life, you’d be delighted to learn that scientist have now a name for it, “Framworklessness”.  The extensive, physical, cognitive and social changes that mark entry into the realm of adolescence help create this state of instability and anxiety.

Adolescence is distinguished as the period that marks independence. The childhood separation anxiety to caregivers gives place to a desire to breaking free from adults. Peers (equipped with their own farmeworklessness) become the primary source of affiliation and dependency as parents become marginalized and rejected. This tendency brings about certain consequences for the teens namely, a loss in feeling secure. The emergence of a one or two best friends who seem to always stick together provides temporary relief and is mainly the result of adolescents trying to resolve the issue of insecurity by borrowing behaving and thinking strategies from their peers. It is believed that peer relationships in this stage set the occasion for adolescents’ formation of their self identity.


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