Activity: Pedal to the number


Here is a fun outdoor activity to keep the kids busy and out of your house for a little while this summer! 


By Susen Kuchta, The Dabbling Momma


This is a simple activity that you can do on a whim.  Just head outdoors, grab some sidewalk chalk and have your child hop on their bike or scooter! An added bonus, you now have a fun way to learn numbers while burning off some energy!pic 2

Head outdoors with some sidewalk chalk and write the numbers you want your child to learn.  You could switch it up and gear this activity towards whatever it is your child is working on like shapes, letters, colors, etc.

Since my daughter knows her single digit numbers, we used double digits. I simply called out a number and my daughter used her bike to ride over to it.  She even got some extra practice using her bike breaks!

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