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SEEK Magazine was founded by Becky Horace and Ali Khakpoor. Becky arrived in Bangkok on an expatriate assignment for her husband’s job. During her first months in Bangkok, she noticed her two-year-old son was having a hard time adjusting to the move and had a significant regression in his speech and social skills. The tantrums and the frustration of losing the ability to communicate with her son finally brought her to a breaking point, which is when she sought the help of Reed Institute.

At the Reed Institute, her son went through a two-week evaluation process. During that time, he was diagnosed with social and language delays and they immediately began therapy using the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) to begin the process of getting him back on track. This is where she met Ali Khakpoor.

Many months into her son’s therapy, a thought for an online magazine focusing on child and human development was put into Becky’s mind by a friend and after speaking with Ali, they realized there was a need. Ali knew professionals who were looking for an outlet to discuss research in a way that would be easy for parents to understand and Becky knew parents are in desperate need for straightforward answers from professionals rather than other parents on different online forums.  This is how SEEK Magazine began.


About Us

Becky Horace, MPA: Becky has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Financial Planning from Winthrop University. In 2012, she graduated from Clemson University with a Masters in Public Administration with a primary focus on local government. Although she isn’t able to further her career in local government during her time in Asia, she has found several ways to stay busy; in the process she has found a new career path as a freelance writer. In addition to her writing, she is the Editor of BAMBI News: an expat parenting magazine that focuses on the many stages of parenthood, from pregnancy to parenting newborns, toddlers, and older children.


Ali Khakpoor, MSc (Licensed Clinical Psychologist): Ali has worked as a child psychologist for over 15 years in both Sweden and Thailand. He conducts a wide range of assessments and provides psychological treatment. As a trained and experienced Applied Behavior Analyst, he assists families of children with behavioral, emotional, and self-esteem challenges. Mr. Khakpoor also helps children develop age-appropriate social skills and effective communication strategies through intensive programs. Ali also helped to establish a multi-disciplinary treatment center in Uppsala, Sweden, which is still recognized as an exemplary facility.

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