5 Easy Bath Time Activities

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The Pinterested Parent shares with our readers her 5 simple bath time activities to keep the kids happy while they are getting scrubbed down. 


By Kim Uliana, The Pinterested Parent


I don’t know about you but bath time in our house can sometimes be a challenge. If your child is anything like mine, they probably are not a fan of taking a bath.  We have always tried to keep it fun and exciting in order to get her in the tub. There are many ways to make tubby time a bit more fun. Here a few quick and easy ones.

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JUST ADD TOYS: Bath toys have come a long way since the rubber ducky. Now there are so many options to keep them entertained as they splash in the tub.

BUBBLES: I don’t know many children that can resist a bubble bath. I don’t know many adults that will pass up the opportunity either. The more bubbles, the better.

BATH PAINTS: If you are weary of letting your little ones paint because of the mess they might make to the house or to themselves, then bath paints are perfect for you. It’s a great way to let them flex their artistic muscles. The best part is when they’re done it will all wash down the drain.

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FOAM SHAPES: Did you know that foam sticks when it gets wet? It does and it’s wonderful. Cut out different colored shapes and let your child use their imaginations to create fabulous objects and scenes with them.

ALPHABET SOUP:  Add alphabet magnets or alphabet shaped foam to your child’s bath. Give them a ladle, play pots and let them cook up something delicious as they lather up.


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